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frog squeak toy 4

frog squeak toy

frog squeak toy 2

Rare frog papier mache squeak toy with glass eyes. Very similar to pig squeak toy pictured below and possibly by same hand, although somewhat cruder, with a paint run as shown and the squeak mechanism on this one is silent. 5″ L x 3 1/4″ H. See description of pig below for further detail. (CC – 23)


pig sq toy 4

pig Sq toy 3

Pig sq toy 2

Pig Squeak toy

Very rare, possibly unique, pig squeak toy. When the back legs are moved the pig’s mouth opens and a squeak is emitted. Approximately 7″ long. Probably dates to late 19th or early 20th century. Has expected wear but the hairline crack shown in the left foreleg is stable and does not extend through. Probably composed of papier mache with several coats of enamel paint on top. Could be German, although it could also be an American “one off” piece made by a talented individual. We have never seen another squeak toy like it. (BZ-19)






Very rare 19th century toy cap rifle bearing US Patent date of August 4, 1874. 19th century cap pistols are rare enough, but cap rifles are almost impossible to find. Made to fire a single cap which was inserted in the small recessed space in the receiver (see last photo). Spring loaded and still cocks (see second photo). 28″ long. Fore-stock has groove for a ramrod, which was for decoration only and could easily be replaced. The gun was obviously well used. The stock is worn, as shown, and the metal slightly deformed in places. We are informed that professional restoration would enhance value significantly. (BU- 15)



Very fine papier mache dog pull toy in original paint with cast iron wheels. Dog is 6″ long by 6″ high to top of head and entire toy is 7 1/2″ high. Condition is very good with minor wear. Forefront of right rear foot is missing but hardly noticeable. Possibly German, but there is no mark to so indicate, so maybe American. Probably early 20th century.




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