clown ring toss clown ring toss 3

Pair of ring toss clowns in fine original paint.  May have been used in a carnival or fair. Circa 1920 – 1930′s. 12 1/2″ tall. Ring is not original to game but is similar to rings that would have been used. (BZ-23)


calling b jay 2

calling blue jay

blue jay label

Superb carving of a calling blue jay by the late noted Maine carver Del Higgins and bearing his label on the underside of the base. Circa 1940′s. Approximately 7″ long, perhaps 2/3 the size of a real blue jay.  There has been a small restoration to the very tip of the upper beak which is virtually invisible. One of the nicest bird carvings we have owned. You can almost hear the bird’s screech. (BZ-6)


female cardinal

female cardinal 2

female cardinal 3

Folky carving of a female cardinal in fine original condition. Approximately 8″ long. Carver unknown. Maine origin. Has good age and probably dates to the first part of the 20th century. (BZ-34)




sled4 sled 2 sled3

Miniature sled believed to be a salesman’s sample. Wonderfully decorated in original paint. Approximately 7″ long. Circa late 19th century. No damage or repairs. (BY-40)




Very finely carved and painted female bluebird. Minor touch-up to tip of beak and tight age line in breast. Circa mid-20th century. Base is new. Apprx. 4″ tall, excluding base. (BZ-38)




A&F bear 6A&F bear 10

A&F bear 8 A&E bear 9Very rare Abercrombie and Fitch bear footstool by Dimitri Omersa. Abercrombie and Fitch footstools and other items made by Omersa in the form of various animals are extremely popular and rare figures like seals and kangaroos (magazine holder) command big prices. The bear footstool is perhaps the rarest of all. We have never seen another. This bear has been in our personal collection for a number of years. As can be seen in the photos, it has some wear on the ears and there is a small scuff under the left ear. Otherwise, it is in exceptionally good condition. It is a large footstool – approximately 29″ long, 12″ wide and 19″ high. Circa 1960′s. (BW-31)

$ 1125




Black Forest watch holder in fine original condition. Carved Ibex and floral border decoration. Approximately 3 1/2″ long (closed) by 2 1/2″ wide. Swiss, circa early 1900′s. Not a particularly common Black Forest item.(BY-38)




Black Forest carving of a red stag. Swiss origin. Stands approximately 7″ tall x 9″ long. Has detachable antlers. There were old break lines to all legs at the ankles. They have been professionally restored and are no longer apparent, There also was an old break in one ear, which too was restored and is only noticeable upon very close examination. It displays beautifully and is a great example of the best of Brienzerware carving, circa 1890-1910. Possibly the work of Peter Huggler. (BW-39)




Pair of Apache leather boots decorated with paint and applied leather patches. 16″ in length. Wear to soles from use. Ex-museum. Circa 1920s. (BW-5)




Hand painted limited resin copy of an original carving of a blue jay by Lancy Smith, noted woman golfer from Western New York, who carved birds for sale between the late 1970′s and early 2000′s. Signed and dated 1999. 7″ long by 5″ high including mount.


DSCN5187 DSCN5190 Oval ditty box with finely executed porcupine quill decoration. Lid and base of box are made of horn or baleen. Found in Maine and believed to be Native American made (possibly Mic Mac). 5″ long x 3 1/2″ wide x 2″ high. (BS-34)


DSCN5174 DSCN5177 Small Zebra carving with paint decorated hide or paper covering. Leather ears and glass eyes. 6″ long x 5″ high. Some wear to hide and one eye slightly loose but could easily be glued in place if desired. Probably German made, circa late 19th – early 20th century. (BV-37)



DSCN5062 Original Hambone Sweets Cigar advertisement on plaque. “Hambone” was the nickname of a former slave popularized by cartoonist J.P. Alley in the early 1900′s. In the 1920s William C. Frutiger and Co. of Pennsylvania obtained permission to use Alley’s illustrations to market its cigars. This illustration, based upon Lindberg’s solo transatlantic flight in 1927, came into being near the end of that decade and was used into the 1930s. (BV-7)


DSCN4914 DSCN4921 Native American ceremonial drum with carved and painted decoration. Both skins tight. 8 1/2″tall and 5 1/2″ in diameter. Rawhide handle has separated but can be restored. (BR-37)


DSCN4922 DSCN4927 Pueblo ceremonial drum with colorful hand painted decoration. New Mexico origin circa late 19th century. Skins of drum original and tight. Small rawhide handle has been reattached at one end. Otherwise all original. More photos available on request.(BR-36)


DSCN4742 Very colorful carving of a pair of songbirds on twigs. Species unknown, but birds of this type were often painted whimsically by Pennsylvania German carvers carrying on the European tradition. All original with only very minor paint wear. Made to hang on wall. Probably early-mid 20th century. (BU-38)

$325 (now $295)


DSCN4313 DSCN4323 DSCN4315

Excellent and rare 1/6 plate ruby ambrotype of Civil War soldier posing with 3 revolvers and a knife! It was not uncommon for soldiers to pose with a weapon or two. but 4 weapons is extraordinary (one revolver is under his belt along with the knife). The image case is also rare according to Nineteenth Century Photographic Cases and Wall Frames by Paul Berg, second edition, @ pg. 338. (B-297)

Sale Pending



??????????????????????????????? hawk and antiques 015

Wrought iron candleholder. 19th century. Reputedly a Civil War camp candleholder although we cannot verify this. Can hang or sit on table. 13″ high and 4 1/2″ wide. (BQ-8)


antiques 7-16-14 037 Large  cranberry glass coin spot water pitcher with ruffled top. In fine condition. 8 1/2″ tall. Probably early 20th century. (Inv. BO-40)


antiques 7-16-14 031 antiques 7-16-14 032 Small hand decorated coin spot cranberry glass cup, 2 3/4″ tall. In excellent condition. Finely painted with two types of flowers. (Inv. BO-39)


antiques 7-16-14 035 antiques 7-16-14 023 Hand decorated cranberry glass salt and pepper set in ornate quadruple silver plate holder. Holder is 7″ tall and each of the bulbous shakers is 3 1/2″ tall. Holder is marked “quadruple plate” and appears to read “Rochester NY”, although the first three letters are obscured, so it could be “Manchester”. All pieces are in fine condition and it displays beautifully. Holder could be cleaned. (BP-2)


antiques 7-16-14 029 Two small cranberry glass salt shakers with hand painted floral decoration. The one with the domed top is 3″ tall and has erosion of the metal around the top, as shown. The smaller, squattier one is 2 1/2″ tall, in very good condition and has a more vibrant decoration. Sold together. (Inv. BO-38)


mud figures 007 mud figures 003 Chinese “mud figures”. These five figures were all likely made between 1900 and the early 1950′s. Unlike modern figures which are mold made, these were all hand made. Almost all hand made figures were of men. Female figures are scarce. The female figure stands 10 3/4″ tall, which is a rare size and is in very good condition save for a firing flaw in the hair or possibly a small missing piece there. The large seated fisherman has a small chip on the rim of his hat. He is 8″ tall, also an uncommon size. The two water carriers are 5 3/4″ and 5 1/2″ tall and in excellent condition. The small standing man holding a pot is 4 3/4″ tall and in very good condition. He bears an old paper “Made in China” label. the previous four all have impressed “CHINA” marks.

Lady with scroll – $120 Large seated fisherman – $115 Water carriers – $85 ea.

Standing man with pot ( SOLD)


antiques 6-19-14 090 antiques 6-19-14 092

Thermoplastic (sometimes referred to erroneously as “gutta percha”) game box with inlaid wood cribbage board. Very rare. 8″ long by 4″ wide. Slight wear; tiny hairlines at hinges and one small hairline on corner which doesn’t affect the adjacent cover. Circa 1870s.


Hatchet and fish decoys 4-2014 026 Hatchet and fish decoys 4-2014 022 Hatchet and fish decoys 4-2014 024 Hatchet and fish decoys 4-2014 030

Hand forged hatchet with handle fashioned from a branch. All original. A small part of the end of the handle is missing, but the remaining portion continued in use. Probably 18th or early 19th century.(BN-3)

$320 (Now $295)



Finely crafted birch bark miniature canoe with pine pitch seams and rawhide wrappings. Native American made. 26” long x 7” wide. Very small old hole in one side, probably original to bark section. This is an early model.



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