Chesapeake bobber

Chesapeake bobber 2

Rare 16 inch long Chesapeake Bay bobber (aka “float”). Has some staining to white paint from use, and a couple small paint chips to the green, as shown, and the ball is affixed so firmly that we are reluctant to attempt to remove it for fear of breaking the spindle, but the paint is original and there are only a couple very minor dents in the body. These bobbers  are very difficult to find in decent condition. Circa early 20th century. (BV-16)


cylindrical bobber

Rare cylindrical bobber. 12″ long with copper fitting on one end. Probably made of balsa wood. Original paint with minor wear. We’ve handled many bobbers but never one in this form. Would have been used for large fish such as pike, muskellunge or various species of salt water fish. (CC-20)


plaster trout

plaster trout 2

Very unusual cast plaster (chalkware) model of a brown trout caught in 1929 in Pennsylvania. The mold for the model was made from the actual fish. The inscription on the back gives the name of the angler, the angling method (fly fishing) and the location of the catch (Penn’s Creek). There are 2 old breaks in the body which were repaired long ago and some minor wear to the fins and tail. The paint is original. Very well done and it displays beautifully, as shown.  15 1/2″ long (CC-22)


small trout carving 4

Folky carving of a Brook Trout found in Maine. All original,including the paint. Circa early 20th century. Naively carved and boldly painted, capturing the basics of the fish, albeit not the accurate detail of a Lawrence Irvine piece.  The very essence of folk art. 9” long. (CB – 8)


IMG_1910 bobber and winder Line Winder

Early line winder, bobber and sinker set in excellent original condition. Great crusty finish on bobber and winder. Probably dates to first quarter of 20th century. Original linen line. (CB-40)




IMG_1100 IMG_1098

Unusual Wisconsin fish spearing decoy probably used to attract sturgeon given its size (11 1/4″ long). Original paint, fins and shoe button eyes. Circa 1930′s. Fins are sheet iron and uniquely shaped to provide more action when jigged. (BZ-13)



Small brook trout carving on plaque. Carver unknown. Nicely painted with slight wear. Trout is 11 1/2″ long. Circa unknown, but probably mid-late 20th century. Plaque may have been added more recently for display, Very decorative, (BY-15)






Uncommon frog spear fishing lure made in the Calabogie Lake, Ontario, Canada region by CC Lures and signed on the underside. Made of hard resin or plastic material, possibly fiberglass. Heavily weighted and possibly has brass shoe button eyes painted black.  Absence of mold lines suggests that it may have been carved. 8 1/2″ long and approximately 5/8″ thick. Probably mid-20th century. (BV-12)





Early wood-burned fish spearing decoy with great form. Michigan origin. Likely Native American made and intended to represent a trout. Carved gills and mouth, but never had eyes inserted. 7 3/8″ long and carefully balanced with 2 weights. Circa 1920′s. (BV-6)




Wicker creel with finely executed carving of a trout in a medallion on the wooden lid. The carving transforms an ordinary fishing collectible into an extraordinary one. Circa probably mid-20th century. Found in northern NY. (BT-21)




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