perch decoy

perch decoy3

perch decoy2

Perch fish spearing decoy from Michigan in fine original condition. Body is slightly curved. Tin fins have some minor rust from use. 8″ long., with painted eyes and inset lead weight, Circa 1940′s. (CE-24)



tin shorebird decoy 2

tin shorebird decoy

Sheet metal “flattie” shorebird “stick-up” decoy in original paint with expected wear and minor rust. 11 1/2″ long. These decoys were stuck in sand, grass or shallow water in coastal areas to attract shorebirds sought by hunters. This one, probably dating to the early 20th century, is in surprisingly good condition. It likely was intended to represent a yellowlegs or a willett. Most flatties were made of wood and one in metal is quite uncommon. (CC-40)


Robin snipe 3

Robin snipe 2

Finely carved and painted shorebird decoy. Probably from New Jersey and most likely a Robin Snipe. Nice scratch painting on the back and sides and there is a square piece of wood mortised through the body from the back to the belly. Shoe button eyes. The very tip of the beak has a very small and virtually invisible restoration where it was broken long ago. 9″ long from tip of beak to tip of tail.  Circa late 19th century or very beginning of 20th century. A beautiful bird by a highly skilled carver. (BZ-14)


coot decoy 3

coot decoy

Finely made small root head coot decoy in original paint and very good condition. This was a working decoy, as witness an old  lead weight attached to the bottom. 10″ L x 5″ H (to top of head) x 4 1/4″ W. Probably from Maryland or the Carolinas, circa first half of 20th century. Maker unknown. (CC-17)



antiques 6-19-14 008

antiques 6-19-14 010

Classic Roy Conklin high head drake American Merganser. Roy Allen Conklin, Jr. (1909-1967) carved in Watertown N.Y. and his working decoys were used primarily in the Thousand Islands. He also made decoratives, including many flyers. This decoy was probably carved around 1940 and was never rigged for use, although it has a keel and obviously was made to be used for hunting. A slight crack at the junction where the head is secured to the neck took place when someone picked the decoy up by the head quickly. It was re-glued and professionally touched up and is virtually undetectable. There are a few minor spots on the head and body as shown in the photographs. It is a great piece of folk art.

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