Dutch "Plantation Ship" Relief Carving   Dutch "Plantation Ship" Relief Carving
16th century Dutch "plantation ship" relief carving of a proud African man, probably done by the ship's carpenter. He strides forward with his head high and his arms folded, wearing a grass breechclout, a ring on his right ankle, another around his neck and a ring on top of his head. We suspect, from the rings and his bearing, that he was a chief or a nobleman. Frame is also hand-carved. All original and in very good condition, with a small age split in the bottom edge of the frame. There is some dust and grime around recessed areas of the carving, as shown in a close up photo of the man's head and neck rings, that we haven't tried to remove. 7 ¾" H x 4 ¼" W x 1 ¼" deep. This is a museum quality piece in our opinion, providing insight into the early days of the African slave trade. Multiple additional photos available upon request. (CK-3)
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Dutch "Plantation Ship" Relief Carving   Dutch "Plantation Ship" Relief Carving

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