Iroquois "False Face" Cane   Iroquois "False Face" Cane

Iroquois "false face" cane or walking stick. The False Face Society of the Iroquois was
engaged primarily in healing members of the tribe suffering from disease or injuries.
Elaborate rituals were performed, often while wearing face masks fashioned from fresh
tree bark. Masks are found fairly regularly today. Other objects such as war clubs, staffs
and canes or walking sticks are rare. The faces ordinarily are quite ugly, presumably
with the intention of frightening the evil spirits believed to be causing the affliction
away. This cane or walking stick is hickory with a metal tip and a suitably ugly grinning
face carved in the handle. 35 1/2" long. We suspect that it may have been owned by
the the tribal shaman. In sound original condition. We carefully scraped off a number of tiny white and blue paint specs on the shaft. Circa 18th or early 19th century. (CL-29)

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