Large Spoon or Scoop    Large Spoon or Scoop

Very unusual large early spoon or scoop believed to be of Northeastern Native American origin. 19 1/2" long and bowl is 6 1/8" wide. Hand carved from a single piece of wood and quite sculptural. The handle is arched, as shown in the photos. The wood is quite light in weight, but appears to be hardwood. The bowl probably was a burl. There are some post beetle holes in the handle but none in the bowl. The wood has darkened in most areas, possibly from exposure to smoke. We have seen one other piece similar to this that a very knowledgeable dealer specializing in Native American items said was an Native American man's "eating spoon". The man would use the spoon to access the food and then eat it with his fingers or drink from it if it was liquid. Additional photos available upon request. Found in Maine. (CL-40)
(additional photo below)
Large Spoon or Scoop

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