Webers Skin Mount Advertising Sign

Advertising sign by Weber Lifelike Fly Company of Stevens Point, Wisconsin, with a skin mount of a Brook Trout.  A “skin mount” (also referred to as a “Mezzo mount”) was made using the outer skin of one side of a fish which was secured to a board or other background. The technique appears to have been developed (or at least first used commercially) by taxidermist John Waldo Nash of Maine at the very beginning of the 20th century.  The Weber Company later employed similar mounts on their advertising signs.  These signs were sold or given to tackle shops advertising flies and lures made by the company.  The company was founded in 1921 and these signs, which are now quite rare, probably date to the 20’s – 30’s given that the only other such sign we have seen had a sticker on the back indicating that it cost $3.50 to order one.  This sign has some expected loss and damage, but is stable and still displays very well. Trout is 20" L and frame is 27" L x 10" H.  (CD-27)

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