White Wing Scoter Decoy

Ordinarily considered a sea duck, these ducks frequent both US coasts and the Great Lakes, and sometimes can be found in northern inland waters during the breeding season. Drakes are primarily black in coloration and hens dark brown. This decoy has a brownish tint that doesn't show well in the photo, so it could be either sex. It is an exceptional likeness of a scoter and has a piece of leather in its bill simulating underwater vegetation, which they sometimes eat, although their primary diet consists of mollusks and crustaceans. Scoters are diving ducks and feed along the bottom. They typically travel in large flocks in the fall and winter, and are hunted regularly along US coasts, although we can attest to the fact that they are not prime dining fare. This decoy was part of our personal decoy collection for many years.  Apprx. 10" long from tail to bill tip with 14" wingspan.  (BS-6)


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