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We employed the term “Waterfowl” in a broad sense, to include not only duck, goose and coot decoys, but also decoys of various shorebirds, which were commonly hunted commercially and recreationally along ocean coastlines and salt flats in the 1800’s and first part of the 20th century, as well as so called “confidence decoys” in the form of birds such as herons, swans, gulls and loons.  Also included are some decorative waterfowl carvings.

“Fish decoys“ are carvings of various smaller species of fish and some other small creatures used to attract larger fish, mostly northern pike, by ice spearing fishermen on northern lakes. The ice spearing fisherman tied the decoy to a short line connected to a jigging stick and sat moving the decoy around below a hole cut in the ice, while watching carefully, until the quarry came close enough.  Then he (or she) thrust a multiple tined spear down to impale it and pulled it back up through the hole.  The decoys were sometimes quite realistically carved and painted, closely mimicking the subject involved, but often were stylized or whimsical and/or painted flamboyant colors.  They all worked.

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Pair of Ice Spear Fishing Decoys

Beaver Fish Decoy

Bass Ice Spear Fishing Decoy

Large Fish Spearing Decoy

Ice Fish-Spearing Decoy

Crappie Fish Decoy

Three Fish Spearing Decoys
Lower decoy is

Harris Black Duck Wall Plaque

Miniature Red Breasted Merganser

Small Shorebird


Mason Black-Bellied Plover Decoy

Flying Drake Mallard Carving

Flying Yellowlegs Shorebird Decoy

White Wing Scoter Decoy

Carved and Painted Shorebird Decoy

Turtle Fish Spearing Decoy

Yellow Perch Decoy

Beaver Fishing Decoy

Tin Shorebird Decoy

Hooded Merganser Decoy


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Hand Decorated Bobbers

Jigging Stick


Two Trout Creels


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Crow Call in Wooden Box

Pistol Powder Flask

Collection of Reloading Tools

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Raven Carving

Carved Flying Canada Goose

Canada Goose Flyer

Weber's Skin Mount Advertising Sign

Carved Brook Trout on a Twig Stringer

Ruffed Grouse

Small Trout Carving

Bobwhite Quail

Dolphin (Mahi Mahi) Carving

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Hunter's Bone Dining Set

Horn Hunter's Drinking Cup

End of Hunting and Fishing

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