American Pottery


yellowware keeler 3

yellowware keelr 2

Rare yellow ware keeler. These were reportedly used to cool milk in ice houses. This one measures 7″ in diameter, 5″ high to top of handles and 4″ to rim. Circa mid-19th century and believed to be American, although they were also made in England. In very good original condition. (CE-15)


honey dish 6

honey dish 5

honey dish

Small redware dish in a very unusual form, believed to be a honey dish based upon its similarity to such dishes in English pottery. Too deep to be a cup plate. 3 1/2″ in diameter and stands approximately 7/8″ high. Nice color and glaze. Has 3 small glaze skips or flakes, as shown, and a small firing flaw. Manganese decoration. Believed to be a rare form. Found in Pennsylvania. Circa mid 19th century. (BX-11)


Hilfinger churn

Hilfinger churn 2

Rare miniature butter churn, probably made by the Hilfiger Brothers of Ft. Edward, NY. Found at a sale in that region. The Hilfigers made stoneware, but are also known to have made miniatures in earthenware using native clay, selling them as novelties. We have had a couple of similar pieces made by them, including another butter churn. This one has no chips or hairlines, but some staining on the base on one side and a bit also on the lid. Remarkably, it also has its original wooden dasher inserted though a hole in the earthenware lid. Incised line around shoulder. Approximately  5″ tall. (CC-18)


redware c plate 4

redware cup plate 2

redware cup pl label

Rare redware cup plate with slip decoration and provenance on reverse side. 5″ in diameter. Old darkened rim chip  (see second photo). In our personal collection for many years. (BZ-24)



One gallon stoneware jug by Whites of Utica with uncommon bold cobalt slip heart or heart shaped leaf. There are two small shallow chips in the handle, spout area which don’t detract from its appearance. No cracks or hairlines. Has Whites mark. (BY-16)






Redware double jar. Probably Pa. origin c. 1850. Possibly “end of day” piece. Jars 3 3/4″ high. 6  3/4″ to top of handle. The jars never had lids. See “The Concise Encyclopedia of Antiques” by Comstock for similar example. Very unusual.


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