British Pottery


strawberry teapot 3

strawberry teapot 4

strawberry teapot 2

strawberry teapot

Soft paste teapot in strawberry pattern with small queen’s rose embellishments. In fine original condition with “in the making” chip to spout that was glazed over and is hardly noticeable. Has been in our personal collection for many years. No maker’s mark. Circa early 19th century. (CE-11)


canary lustre 8 inch plate

canary lustre 8 inch plare reverse 2

Canary lustre 8″ plate with bold hand painted floral design and  old staple repairs on back as shown. A rare survivor dating to the early 1800′s. In those days plates were highly prized  and carefully repaired whenever possible so as to continue in service. (CD-3)


Mocha creamer

mocha creamer 3

mocha creamer 2

Small mocha creamer. 3 3/4″ high, seaweed or dendritic pattern. Incised rings around neck with raised bands in dark brown slip. There are several small, tight lines on the interior rim which do not extend through to the outside and a tight line on the exterior base which doesn’t extend into the interior. Good bold color and fine glaze. Circa early 19th century. (CB-5)




Nice little Prattware creamer with whippet handle, stag hunting scene and Sunderland lustre embellishment. Tight spider/hairline on base extending partially up into body and tight hairline on lip that doesn’t appear to extend through into exterior. 4 1/2″ high. We believe this to be an uncommon piece. Circa first half of 19th century.




English “rabbitware” plates. The first is 9 3/8″ in diameter and has bold running rabbit transfers on border with “bulls-eye” stick spatter and hand painted decoration in center. The second is 9 1/8″ in diameter and has frogs and rabbits on border with “king’s rose”, stick spatter and hand painted center decoration. Both are in mint condition. These plates, circa mid-19th century, are uncommon, especially in mint condition.

First plate – $425 (BS-23)

Second plate – $395 (BS-24)


6 pieces of canary lustre (yellow glazed earthenware) pottery;  5 with black transfer decoration and/or silver lustre and one with hand painted decoration. Multiple individual photos available upon request. English origin, circa early 19th century.

L to R

child’s miniature handle less mug with silver lustre (hairline and wear BS-13)  $25

4 1/8″ jug; fine underglaze decoration (small flaw on rim possibly in making BS-15)  $380

3 1/2″ mug in v. g. condition; “seek and ye shall find” (slight wear to lustre on rim BS-12) $495

5 3/4″ jug; “Hope and Charity” (invisible prof. spout restoration)  $295

1 3/4″ child’s mug with child and dog; “present for a good boy” (prof. rest. & wear BS-13) $95

3 1/2″ mug w/ flared rim and transfer of Napoleon in exile (minor wear on rim BS-16) $345

Stirrup cup IMG_0304

Stirrup Cup 3 IMG_0305

Stirrup Cup 2 IMG_0303

Stirrup cup 4 IMG_0306

Very fine fox head stirrup cup. 5″ long x 2 3/4″ dia. Slight wear to paint as would be expected from use. Otherwise in all original condition with no chips or cracks. Circa early 19th century. Delicate item and hard to find in undamaged condition. From our personal collection. (BR-1)

$395  (SALE)

IMG_0293.jpg Sphinx platter 1

IMG_0302.jpg Sphinx 3

IMG_0299.jpg sphinx 2

IMG_0301 (2).jpg sphinx 4

Very rare and early “Sphinx” pattern flow blue platter by Charles Meigh (1835-49) . 21 1/2″ x 17 1/4″. Original condition with very slight edge wear that doesn’t show when displayed. No chips or restoration. This is a striking piece that has been our personal collection for many years. It displays beautifully on the wall.


antiques 6-19-14 014

“McDonough’s Victory” shell border 6 3/8″ plate in fine condition with only faint knife marks and one small firing mark. Good color and transfer. A very desirable historical blue pattern by Enoch Wood.


antiques 6-19-14 023

“Landing of Lafayette” 10 1/8″ plate by Clews. Bold deep blue color with good transfer. Couple of almost invisible knife marks. No chips, flakes or hairlines. Circa 1830 (red rim around plate is the top of a stool it was sitting on).


Very rare full size Gaudy Welsh wash bowl and pitcher.  Grape pattern with bold color and almost all overglaze paint and lustre intact. No chips, but it does have a piece glued in place next to spout (see photos) and seveal tight hairlines and spiders. The floral decoration on the bottom of the bowl is a different shade of blue but looks to be original. The damage is all easily restorable since it does not involve the decoration.  In many years of collecting Gaudy Welsh we have never seen another full size wash bowl and pitcher. English, circa 1840. In our personal collection for some 25 years. We’ve never seen another full size wash bowl and pitcher in Gaudy Welsh.

$395  (SALE)


Rare large covered mug with gaudy decoration and pink lustre. Possibly used for condensed milk, hot drinks or porridge. We’ve never seen one like this before. Caudle cups are usually much smaller and have two handles.  5 1/2″ high by 5 1/2″ dia. One small tight hairline and some overglaze paint wear. English, circa 1850.



Prattware jug with setter and pointers hunting. Beautiful embossed decoration. Bulbous form, 6 inches high. Typical Pratt coloration. One very tiny old flake on handle; otherwise in perfect condition. Swirled ridges in creamware body. Circa early 1800s.


Dk blue staff B&P

Dark blue Staffordshire “Water Girl”  wash bowl and pitcher by Clews. Circa 1820s. Excellent condition and great color. Multiple additional photos available upon request.



Mulberry “Flora” pattern 13 ¼” platter by T.Walker, circa 1845.  Rich dark color. Excellent condition.


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